POSSELT CONSULT are structural engineering consultants providing independent design, procurement and construction advice service on all aspects of building structures across the world.

Our office is located in √úbersee, Bavaria, Germany.

POSSELT CONSULT was established in 1980 by Hermann Posselt. As a multi-disciplinary consultancy we have the skills to meet all engineering challenges and provide functional, high performance solutions.

Using sophisticated tools to test buildability and performance criteria, we advise on all aspects of the project, including construction materials and methods, costs, risks and sustainability, to give our clients complete confidence that the final design is sound and offers best value.

Our integrated approach ensures that each solution is tailored to the specific needs of the project.

Core business fields:

Steel Structures   /   Concrete Structures   /   Timber Structures  /  Membrane Constructions

Masonry Structures   /   Composite Structures

Exhibition Structures and Interior Design   /   Tank Container Construction   /   Kinetic Sculptures